An intricate body organ utilized for urination, sex, and you may breeding

An intricate body organ utilized for urination, sex, and you may breeding

An intricate body organ utilized for urination, sex, and you may breeding

The penis try a complex exterior organ into the people regularly urinate as well as sex and breeding. It contains numerous bits, for instance the shaft, head, and you will foreskin.

This informative article makes reference to the brand new anatomy and you can reason for your penis, as well as issues that can affect the function otherwise appearance of the manhood during the delivery otherwise later in daily life.


The penis are at the leading of one’s muscles in the the base of new hips. The scrotum, containing the brand new testicles, lies nearby the dick.

  • Glans: The glans , or lead of one’s knob, is the painful and sensitive design at the end of the brand new corpus (shaft).
  • Urethra: The latest urethra are a tube inside cock you to works out-of the fresh kidney towards head of your cock. It’s useful for urination. What’s more, it crosses through the prostate gland, where an opening, known as ejaculatory duct, get spunk and you can water that define sperm.
  • Meatus: New meatus is the opening at idea of the glans through which pee otherwise semen exits one’s body.
  • Prepuce: The fresh prepuce , otherwise foreskin, try a loose fold regarding skin which takes care of your face out-of the penis. Eliminating this new foreskin is called circumcision.
  • Corpus cavernosa: The fresh new corpus cavernosa are a couple of articles regarding spongy tissues that run over the interior shaft of cock. When filled with bloodstream, the new structures stiffen, ultimately causing a hardon.
  • Corpus spongiosum: This new corpus spongiosum is the 3rd line out of cells you to inhibits the new urethra away from closure while in the a hardon.

The penis try well supplied because of the bloodstream. The fresh axle, which contains the fresh urethra and around three articles off erectile structure, is actually wrapped in a ring away from connective structure known as fascia and covered with skin. The bottom of your penis is actually supported by conjunctive tissues, called suspensory ligaments, one hold the cock close to the pelvic limbs.

There clearly was a broad version in dick proportions, plus the average flaccid (“soft”) amount of a cock try 3.5 in. The common duration of an erect dick is 6 in, that have the common width of 5 ins.


An important characteristics of your own manhood is actually urinary and you will intimate. The latest sexual reason for your penis can be described as a couple of stages: hard-on and ejaculation.


Urination ‘s the release of urine about human anatomy. This occurs when pee passes from the bladder from the urethra toward meatus. The urine are forced outside of the human body from the contraction of detrusor strength about wall of your bladder.

Amongst the manhood in addition to bladder ‘s the exterior sphincter muscles, and is regulated to hang from inside the or release pee.


An erection ‘s the stiffening of one’s dick considering sexual pleasure and you can/otherwise real stimulation. It is extremely regular to have erections that occurs during sleep and up on awakening. An erection happens when there was an elevated flow of blood for the corpus cavernosa and you will corpus spongiosum.

Throughout the a hardon, bloodstream giving the erectile buildings often dilate (widen), resulting in the knob so you’re able to engorge (fill) with bloodstream. The fresh engorgement compresses the fresh new blood vessels whereby blood constantly exits the latest cock. That it “traps” the fresh blood and helps suffer the newest hard-on.


Ejaculation ‘s the release of semen in the looks. It certainly is accompanied by an intimate impulse titled a climax.

  • First, a pipe called the vas deferens contracts, propelling cum in the testicles towards ejaculatory duct.
  • At the same time, new prostate gland and you may seminal vesicles bargain, adding drinks that comprise every quantity of sperm.
  • Meanwhile, rapid contraction away from human body at the base of one’s dick, named periurethral human anatomy, drive semen outside of the dick.
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